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Trust Administration

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If you are an trustee, we can assist you with the management of your private trust from the date of creation until the final distribution.

How can we help?  You do not have to be a legal or financial expert to be a great trustee. We will guide you every step of the way.  The following is an abbreviated lists of some of the trustee support services we provide:
  • Preparation of all required trust accountings (including court approved accountings) and tax forms (including Form 706 and 1041).
  • Funding of sub-trusts (if applicable), with your attorney.
  • Tax planning to reduce estate and income taxes, with your attorney.
  • Assistance and support when dealing with beneficiaries and computing/timing payment of distributions.  Our services in this area can greatly reduce any potential conflict between you and the beneficiaries.

As a team, we will work with your attorney and your other financial professionals to reduce your potential trustee liability and to allow you to get back to your own life.  If you do not have an excellent attorney and/or financial advisor, we work with the best.

Michelle has over 12 years of experience as a trustee and co-trustee. She has administrated trusts in the San Bernardino and Riverside Probate Courts. Michelle is bonded and insured. She completed over 80 hours of live advanced continuing education in the area of trusts and estates during 2011.  She is well known and respected in the local community for her work with family members, friends and victims of the professional fiduciary scandal.