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"Michelle has consistently provided spot on tremendous tax saving advice along with a comprehensive strategy for the future. She combines expertise with a personal presence and reassurance that is truly unique and difficult to find." RB

"I have known Michelle Herting for the past 25 plus years. Michelle acted as Trustee on both my Mother and Father's estates. Michelle's work as Trustee was unparallel. She was able to preserve the assets as the Trust stipulated. I would highly recommend Michelle." DG

"Michelle is the best CPA I have ever met.  I have worked with her for 19 years." CD   

"Michelle has been excellent and it has been a terrific experience. Exceptionally great service was provided by her and her staff. In addition, Michelle’s skills saved my family’s Trust a ton of money. She is a person who listens and communicates very well and takes into consideration the needs of her client. I respect and appreciate her work ethic. I would recommend Michelle to anyone that may have questions in regards to trust planning." MAS

"I just wanted to take this time to thank you once again for everything you have done for me. I want you to know that through all of this I am going through, you are the one person that has really tried to help me. I really with I could do something wonderful in return for you. Again, 'Thank you.'" RL

“Michelle is very professional, pays attention to my bottom line, while thinking outside of the normal avenues. She is detailed, open to questions and always prepared for what ever I ask of her. Michelle is always educating herself on the latest tax laws." DH

“Michelle is a superior CPA who takes care of her clients in a great manner. She is very responsive to my requests and handles my returns quickly. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs personal or business taxes completed.” SW

“I knew Michelle was the right person for us after our first meeting. She immersed herself in our project, made recommendations, and continues to stay involved. She has become a great friend and I highly recommend her.” EP

"In 2000, I had the pleasure of working with Michelle professionally for the first time. During the years, Michelle has been nothing less than a professional and trustworthy. She is also very thorough. In being so thorough, she enables her clients to be more proactive rather than reactive, which in the end saves time and money. Anyone lucky enough to work with Michelle will realize the value of having her in your corner; she not only works for you, but partners with you. I have and will continue to recommend Michelle Herting for any accounting needs." JV 

“I feel very fortunate to have an CPA like Michelle Herting. My personal financial experiences have made it necessary for me to utilize many of Michelle's specialties in Tax Accounting. I have used her services for all of my business and personal tax needs. She is visionary in her ability to see where I want to go with my business and my life, then find ways to help me achieve those goals accordingly. I have always been more than satisfied with her work and feel fortunate to have her on my team to help grow my business and make sound business decisions. She is always thinking of the needs of her clients which makes me feel fortunate to have her as my CPA.” LK

"... Perhaps I am not the easiest beneficiary to deal with.  I have a lot of questions and my trust in particular has required an exceptional amount of time and work. Michelle has always given generously of her time, and her expertise and effort going above and beyond the call of duty. She is sincere, genuine, and highly intelligent and capable woman in an age of endemic incompetence and corruption. Michelle has met and exceeded my expectations." PC