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Our firm provides a boutique service that specializes in estates and trusts.

Trustee:  Michelle has earned a reputation among experts in the field for her work as a trustee over the past twenty years. Attorneys seek her out to settle trusts quickly and efficiently.  Her expertise is vital when family members disagree or when the trustee of record cannot serve. Both Riverside and San Bernardino courts and several charitable institutions have appointed Michelle as successor trustee. She is bonded and insured. 

Trustee support:  For those who find themselves in the position of acting as trustee to someone else's estate, we provide support throughout the process, leading trustees through the maze of legal and financial requirements until final disbursement. Michelle's expertise is in coordinating efficient and competent teams of legal and financial professionals eases the burden of estate management and minimize the liability of the trustee/executor.   It is not unusual for us families to use our services to handle multiple estates over more than one generation. We prepare estate and trust tax returns and trust accountings for beneficiaries and the probate court, if necessary. Our trust accountant is a Certified Financial Planner,  and our trust/forensic bookkeeper is a licensed real estate broker.  Often, beneficiaries are relieved when they learn that our professional team is assisting their trustee. 

Business Valuations: She has prepared valuation reports exclusively for gift planning and estate tax returns for over twenty years.

Tax planning: We work with clients and their attorneys to define income and estate-planning goals, assemble the necessary experts and prepare the appropriate schedules and tax filings. A deep understanding of our clients' goals minimizes the problems and expenses of tax and estate planning and ensures minimal complications with succession planning. If you are in need of standard, annual tax preparation services, we will refer you to a great CPA or EA.

In order to be of maximum support to her clients, Michelle ensures that she remains on top of her game by undergoing continuing specialized training over several weeks every year.  She provides continuing education for all staff members and offers them a tuition reimbursement plan. Michelle also services as a board member on several educational and philanthropic boards. She is bonded and insured, and has earned respect for her work with family members of special needs trust beneficiaries and victims of complex professional fiduciary scandals.